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Supporting Positive Group Play

Positive multi-age play experiences.

The video above has been created as a self-guided learning tool for you. First, watch the video. Afterwards, a series of questions will appear below. Consider these questions and replay the video. After watching the video a second time, click to reveal answers to each of the questions to find out if you’ve identified key points.

How is the provider supporting multi-age learners?

She is encouraging activities that are interesting to all ages such as sand play and water play. These activities can be developed at a simple, complex, and super complex level. For information about creating an environment that supports multi-age learning see the Environment modules.

Multi-age groups can be difficult to manage. How is the provider supporting positive group play?

She has made sure that there interesting activities and that each child is able to participate at his/her level. She has made sure there is enough buckets for everyone who wants to play with them, which has eliminated any need to argue over buckets. Though sharing is an important skill as well, it is especially important in multi-age settings that you have enough of the popular items. This makes sure children don’t feel like they are always having to share or lose out to the older or younger children.  If children feel this way they will often act out or act inappropriately.

Filmed in a family child care home.

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