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Singing with Baby

The video above has been created as a self-guided learning tool for you. First, watch the video. Afterwards, a series of questions will appear below. Consider these questions and replay the video. After watching the video a second time, click to reveal answers to each of the questions to find out if you’ve identified key points.

How is the caregiver engaging in a positive interaction with the infant?

She is monitoring the baby’s expression and noises and body movements to see that the baby enjoys the interaction.

How is this interaction setting up positive communication patterns for the baby?

The caregiver is maintaining eye contact and using movements while singing which indicates that communication can happen through more than just words.  She is reading the baby’s cues and responding and allowing the baby to “sing” along, which encourages vocalizations on the part of the baby.

Thank you to family child care professional Melody Robinson, owner of Parents’ Helper, for sharing this clip with us.

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