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Scaffolding New Skills

Learning to Cut with Scissors

The video above has been created as a self-guided learning tool for you. First, watch the video. Afterwards, a series of questions will appear below. Consider these questions and replay the video. After watching the video a second time, click to reveal answers to each of the questions to find out if you’ve identified key points.

What strategies does the provider use to support the child’s skills using scissors?

The provider uses physical support by putting her hands over the child’s hands to get them into the correct position on the scissors.  She also uses a calm voice as she provides verbal scaffolding by talking about each step and then saying “open, close, open, close” as a chant that the child also begins to use.  She provides a lot of verbal encouragement and acknowledges what the child is able to do on her own.

The child does not have much experience with using scissors and even says, “I can’t cut” at the beginning.  How does the provider keep the child interested and motivated to keep trying?

She is in close proximity to the child and coaches her throughout the activity.  She responds positively to all attempts the child is making and allows the activity to be open-ended, with no set product or outcome in mind other than to practice.  She comments that cutting is hard and that she can see that the other child (who has much more experience with using scissors) has gotten better at it by practicing.  Throughout the activity she follows the child’s lead and maintains a balance of support while encouraging her to work with the scissors independently.

Filmed in a family child care home.

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