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Licensing Rules for Family Child Care, Wisconsin

Every state has different laws regarding the licensure of family child care homes, including how many children may be present, the training and education a provider must have, and more. Some have provisions for programs that are legally license-exempt, where a program must be registered with the state but will not be inspected the same way a licensed program would be. Prior to opening a program, it is important to understand what license you will need, if any, how to obtain it, and what is necessary to remain in compliance.

470 IAC 3-1.2 Infant and Toddler Care


  1. Change positions of infants
  2. Each child shall have their own crib, playpen, or mat (requires a variance) to sleep on. Each child younger than 24 months has a crib, portacrib, playpen, or bassinet. If a bassinet is used, determine if the parent has either provided or consented to the use of the bassinet.
  3. Infants must be held during bottle feedings until they can hold their own bottle.
  4. Bottles shall not be propped.
  5. Safe Sleep practices shall be followed



This guide offers much of the information you will need to get started in your family child care business in Illinois.  There are sections about planning for your business, preparing your home, creating a contract, planning meals, and much more.  This overview of the process is a helpful resource for understanding the steps in becoming a licensed family child care home.

Illnois Child Care Guide for Family Home Providers

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