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Town Square Exploring Math with Preschoolers

In this module, explore big ideas of early math and think about how adults can engage preschoolers in the math all around them.


Town Square Indiana modules can be found in Indiana Learning Paths. Please follow the link below to log into your I-lead account and click on “Start Your Indiana Learning Path”. Once in Indiana Learning Paths please search for:


Town Square Exploring Math with Preschoolers

CKC01 – Child and Youth Growth and Development

5. Concepts, content and learning trajectories that are
important in early learning of major subject-matter
areas, including mathematics.

CKC04 Learning Environment and Curriculum

7. How to embed a variety of teaching strategies and
learning approaches in everyday activities and routines
to cover all major subject areas (mathematics)

CDA01 – Planning a safe, healthy learning environment

PTQ Level 2

12a. The home is arranged and utilizes enough materials and activities to provide
a variety of age and developmentally appropriate interest centers that invite
children’s explorations. Caregiver offers at least three of the following
centers daily, from which the children may choose. Caregiver regularly
rotates the interest centers that are offered.

PTQ Level 3

7a. Children’s physical, cognitive, language, literacy, math, and creative
development is supported

I-SAT  Standard 4: Learning Environment and Curriculum

Positive Relationships

Math/Numbers Materials & Development

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