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Provider Blog — Winter fun!

For many of us, winter is sticking around for a few more weeks, which means more fun in the snow. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather; there is just bad clothing.

Playing outside during cold weather is very beneficial for children.

It builds resilience, helping children learn to cope with uncomfortable or challenging situations, and builds mental and emotional strength.

It improves creativity and imagination; being outside provides endless imaginative play and exploration opportunities.

It promotes physical activity, playing in the snow, and engaging in winter sports like sledding, skating, and skiing supports physical activity and healthy habits.

Lastly, it enhances sensory experiences; snow, and ice provide unique sensory experiences that stimulate and calm the senses, helping children develop sensory integration skills.


Stephanie McKinstry owner of Caterpillar Clubhouse Nature Preschool, shares some fun  photos of her program enjoying the snow!


Special thanks to Stephanie Mckinstry for sharing

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