As the weather warms up, it’s important to be aware of how to keep children (and ourselves!) safe in heat and humidity. When the heat index (“feels like”) is over 90° F, children are particularly vulnerable to heat-related conditions.

This chart from the National Weather Service shows both how the heat index is calculated, and when temperatures become hazardous.

Some Ways to Keep Children Safe in Heat (tips from the CDC and

  • Move outdoor time to early in the day, before the sun is high.
  • Apply and re-apply sunscreen– sunburn can cause dehydration and prevent the body from regulating temperature appropriately. Sunscreen is important for people of all ethnicities and skin tones.
  • Have drinking water accessible at all times, and encourage (and model!) frequent water breaks.
  • Recommend that families dress in loose, lightweight, and light-colored clothing. Use UV protective clothing and sun hats for extra safety.
  • Keep cool with safe water play. A sprinkler, misting bottles, or water table can all help regulate body temperature and keep everyone in a good mood.
  • Know the signs of heat-related illness and be prepared to act accordingly.


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