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We are looking for content (including photos or video**) such as:

  • A great activity that you did with the children
  • Tips for business (organization, record keeping, strategies for managing requirements)
  • A song or movement activity that the children enjoy
  • Tips for managing transition times (setting up meals, naptime, moving to outdoor spaces)
  • Positive interactions that support children’s learning and development (between children or between provider and child)
  • Ideas for arranging your space
  • Other ideas you have that you think providers might be interested in hearing about

Depending on the content, you might be invited to write a blog post for Town Square Perspectives. Town Square staff will help support and guide you in developing the content before posting it to the Town Square site.

Please send us your idea (including your name, your business name, location, and a description of your idea) using the link below or email us at:

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*If your content is selected to be shared on Town Square you will be asked to sign a release form and ask any other people who may be pictured also sign a release form (or parents of children who are pictured).

**Please try to capture your video horizontally. If your movie file is too big we can work with you on file sharing options.

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