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Toddler Painting Outside

Exploring properties of art materials


The video above has been created as a self-guided learning tool for you. First, watch the video. Afterwards, a series of questions will appear below. Consider these questions and replay the video. After watching the video a second time, click to reveal answers to each of the questions to find out if you’ve identified key points.

What is this toddler discovering about the properties of paint as an art material?

The toddler is observing it dripping off the brush and down her paper. She is seeing that she can make marks with the paint when she brushes it against the paper.

When the toddler hesitates, how does the provider encourage the toddler to continue exploring the paint?

The provider reassures the toddler that it is OK if the paint falls or drips down, that they can clean it up later. She lets the toddler know that she is watching her and noticing what she is doing.

This video clip was filmed at Faith Child Care in Gary, Indiana, an infant/toddler family child care home, owned by Tonika Davis.

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