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For Specialists: Concern About Safety Regulations

The video above has been created as a self-guided learning tool for you. First, watch the video. Afterwards, a series of questions will appear below. Consider these questions and replay the video. After watching the video a second time, click to reveal answers to each of the questions to find out if you’ve identified key points.

How does the specialist bring up the concern about an outlet that is not covered in a supportive way?

The specialist asks the provider to tell her about what might have happened and asks an open ended question: “Do you remember?” She frames the concern in a way that expresses that she is confident that there is an explanation because the provider knows the regulations.

How does the specialists encourage the provider to address the concern?

She indicates that she knows the provider wants to be sure children are safe and that if she noticed the outlet was missing the cover that other people could as well. She keeps the conversation positive, but is direct.

Filmed with a family child care support specialist and provider in her family child care home.

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