This is the final session from our Trauma Informed series, presented by Megan K. Lerner, LCSW, and Anthony T. Vesco, PhD.. Upon completion of the series, please email to receive credit for viewing all sessions.

From Megan K. Lerner and Anthony T. Vesco’s presentation on Strategies for Managing Stress and Trauma-Related Distress in Preschoolers, the Stoplight can be completed with individual children or as a group to teach self-regulation skills, as seen in the presentation here (start at 52:00):

Stoplight Form


Understanding Trauma Exposures and Their Impact on Children’s Development

This printable handout by Megan K Lerner, LCSW supports adults in understanding how children can be impacted by trauma.

Presented on January 17th, 2024 for SPARK Philly Pre-K FCC Cohort

by Megan K. Lerner, LCSW, and Anthony T. Vesco, PhD

This resource from Megan K. Lerner, LCSW and Anthony T. Vesco, PhD, will support providers in addressing the thoughts that can inhibit productive partnerships with families.

Challenge Biases PDF

By Megan K. Lerner, LSCW, and Anthony T. Vesco, PhD

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Originally recorded on: 10/25/23

by Megan Lerner, LCSW, and Anthony T. Vesco, PhD



Crear un ambiente apropiado para el desarrollo que toma en cuento las necesidades de sus niños y familias puede ser difícil. Esto se puede complicar cuando uno atenta ser respetuoso, vigente, y representar a otros en términos de cultura. En este módulo, vamos a compartir ideas de como aceptar un ambiente que es vigente a cultura y anti-prejuicio.


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