Town Square in collaboration with Erikson’s Technology in Early Childhood center.

This webinar is geared towards family child care professionals working in multi-age home settings, we’ll examine developmentally appropriate technology use in family child care programs. You’ll walk away with practical examples of play-based activities, tips, and resources.

Town Square en colaboración con El centro tecnología temprana de Erikson

Este seminario web está dirigido a los profesionales especialistas en cuidado infantil familiar que trabajan en hogares de múltiples edades, examinaremos el uso de tecnología apropiada para el desarrollo en los programas de cuidado infantil familiar. Usted saldrá con ejemplos prácticos de actividades basadas en el juego, consejos y recursos

This webinar will introduce the use of technology devices and developmentally appropriate practice in the family child care home.  The panel will discuss how to use appropriate ebooks, apps, and communication tools with young children. We will also explore how low and high tech devices can help support problem solving skills, creative thinking, and social emotional development.

Participants will be introduced to the concepts of:

Creating appropriate spaces in your home for your family child care business can be a challenge. You need to balance the needs of the children, the needs of your home business, and the needs of your family.  In this webinar we will introduce strategies that will help you provide a developmentally appropriate environment that engages children,  meets the needs of your home business, and still leaves your house feeling like a home.

An understanding of child development is an essential tool for all family child care providers. This free webinar provides participants a brief overview of theories of child development, and their practical applications in early childhood care settings. Experts will discuss major themes for social and emotional development for young children, and a family child care provider will talk about responsive care giving.


How can technology enhance your family child care business? In this webinar you’ll learn the importance of understanding developmentally appropriate practice and research on appropriate technology use. You’ll also explore ways in which technology can be used as a business resource that supports professional growth and collaboration with other family child care professionals and colleagues.

Environment is crucial when it comes to creating an effective learning space for children, but creating the right environment in your home can be a challenge. This webinar will discuss the ideas of organization management and materials selection that support the provider’s professional and home environments.