Learn, Share, and Grow series cover a particular topic over a series of short video segments.  So if you only have 5 minutes, you can watch one, and if you have more time you can watch a whole series. Check out these short professional development segments on topics of interest to family child care professionals on the Grow Page.

The Illinois Early Learning Project provides resources for early childhood professionals related to the Illinois Early Learning Standards.  The Illinois Early Learning (IEL) website offers video clips that can be used as a resource for parents and professionals around a variety of topics related to IEL Standards benchmarks, IEL Guidelines for 0-3, and parenting.  Video content is available in English and Spanish and include transcripts and descriptions.

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Preschool children love to help. You can ask children to create videos or even a series of photos to explain how to do something or even steps or guidelines for a routine activity like handwashing, as this example from a provider illustrates:

Children might like to share ideas about things like how to get ready to go play outside, how to clean up after a meal, what to do with your things when you come in, or any number of other things.  You can create a slide show with pictures or post a child-created video to a private YouTube channel to share with families. This appropriate use of technology that features the children in your care is sure to be an exciting activity.

Goal: Involve children in communicating information using technology.