The important but routine tasks involved in ensuring children’s needs are met through each day. Care tasks may include feeding, diapering, toileting, washing, dressing/undressing, putting a child to sleep, and more. The time spent with children during these routines can be some of the most valuable for connection if adults take the time to involve the child, talk to the child, and make it enjoyable.

Family child care provider Melody Robinson shares the following information on a tip sheet for parents when their child is ready to start learning to use the toilet.  She has found that sharing this information has helped parents support their child’s success in her family child care and also when the child is at home.


Helpful Tips for Potty Training for Parents

This list of do’s and don’ts will help you and your child to be more successful at potty training. This is a new learning experience for your child, and you can make it less stressful for them by being patient. They will learn the necessary bathroom skills.

Potty Training Reminders:

No belts

No suspenders or overalls

No onesies t-shirts

No body shirts

No hard to unsnap clothing

(These items hamper the child’s success at potty training)

Potty Training Do’s

Wear only pants with elastic waist

Wear easy to lift or pull down clothing

Wear pull-ups, velcro diapers, or panties with rubber covering in case of accidents