Town Square has professional development that aligns with the Environment Management content area of the IL Gateways FCC Credential and ExceleRate.  Additional PD is offered in the content areas of Technology and Human Growth and Development.  This handout shows the grouping of modules and webinars that together equal credit toward the credential, but can be used for clock hours if completed separately. See all of the PD available on Town Square on the Grow page.

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Town Square PD-Credential Alignment


Family child care environments can and should support a provider’s work with young children. The materials within the environments can lead children’s learning and invite both children and families to feel welcomed in the home. This module is an introduction to thinking about how to create and choose materials that support an inclusive approach and offer children ways to learn about diverse groups as well as seeing themselves reflected in the program.

Town Square Indiana modules can be found in Indiana Learning Paths. Please follow the link below to log into your I-lead account and click on “Start Your Indiana Learning Path”. Once in Indiana Learning Paths please search for:

Town Square Selecting culturally relevant and anti-bias materials for your environment