Some family child care homes choose to pursue accreditation by a body in addition to their licensor and QRIS. Accrediting bodies may include NAFCC, WECAN, or others, many of which have specific philosophical orientations, such as Nature Schools or Waldorf.

The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) is a membership based national association for family child care providers. The NAFCC site includes tools for NAFCC accreditation including a self-study program to help providers prepare for accreditation. There is a calendar for national events for family child care providers including the NAFCC conference, a blog about relevant topics for family child care providers, and information for families and the public regarding family child care.

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Al pensar en su entorno, esta lista de comprobación puede resultarle útil para autoevaluar la calidad de su entorno y elaborar un plan para mejorarlo. La lista de comprobación se basa en la lista de comprobación de observaciones para la acreditación de la NAFCC.


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