Daily health screenings are a vital tool which help identify potential health risks and may reduce the transmission of infectious diseases in child care programs. Having a health check chart for each child can help providers keep accurate records and look for patterns.

To safely operate during COVID-19, symptoms of COVID have to be included in the health screening tool. Provider Laverne Head, owner of Our Leaders of Tomorrow, shared her updated screening chart.

Our Leaders of Tomorrow Daily Health & Temperature Checklist


This tip sheet for families gives ideas for developing habits for being active for different age groups. It includes basic ideas for supporting active play as well as limiting TV time to instill lifelong healthy physical activity habits.

Active Play Handout (English)

Active Play Handout (Spanish)

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This is a calendar of ideas to incorporate more movement and exercise into each day of the year that would be suitable for FCC homes or families to use. Many ideas involve using materials in your home and neighborhood to create games, obstacles, or motivate movement.


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Getting children to move their bodies in a variety of ways is important for their physical growth and development of large motor skills.  This resource from Shape America, the Office of Head Start, and the US Department of Health and Human Services includes interesting suggestions for using t-shirts to support movement activities with children.  Included with this resource is a recipe for Berry Tasty Muffins that you could prepare with or for children.

T-Shirt Fun Activities + Berry Muffin Recipe

T-Shirt Fun Activity + Berry Muffin Recipe – Spanish

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Yoga can help calm and restore the mind and body and it can be a great strategy for helping children become more in touch with their bodies and how to manage their energy. Check out this information about the benefits of yoga with kids from PBS.org:

Why Yoga and Kids Go Together

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