A large part of running a care and education program is having a curriculum, but what exactly is a curriculum? This Town square-created resource dives deep into exploring the foundation of a curriculum and guides you in reflecting on your current practice.

What is Curriculum?





As we explore intentionality in incorporating nature into home-based care. We reached out to two family childcare professionals Diann Gano, Owner of Under the Ginkgo Tree Nature School, and Ashley Hugues, owner of Roots Nature School, to discuss the curriculum of a home-based nature program. We hope this conversation is a starting point to rethink nature in your program or help support your current practice.

Emergent curriculum resource guide written by Elizabeth Jones​ adapted by Town Square for Family Child Care Providers

Emergent Curriculum

Guía del currículo emergente escrito por Elizabeth Jones y adaptado por Town Square para los proveedores de cuidado infantil familiar

Currículo Emergente