Yes, it’s cold outside, but that can lead to some amazing fun. Research shows it is healthy to get outside and get some fresh air. It’s actually unhealthy to stay inside all day where viruses can be spread easily. With the right clothing, getting outside can support immune systems, creative play, encourage collaboration, and prompt some really great science discussions. Check out these photos to see some fun in the cold!


Illinois Early Learning Standards:

12.C   Explore the physical properties of objects.

12.F   Explore changes related to the weather and seasons.

Children love to play outdoors, but in the winter it is not always possible with very low temperatures. This can be disappointing for children, especially when there is fresh snow on the ground.

You can offer children the option to play with snow indoors.  Scoop snow into a bucket or other large container and put the snow in a sensory table (if you have one), the sink, the tub, or even a plastic container (such as an under the bed box) placed on some towels on the floor.  Children can:

  1. Build a tiny snow person
  2. Make impressions in the snow with hands, cups, shovels, or other tools
  3. Use spray bottles to spray color on the snow (a few drops of washable tempera paint in a spray bottle full of water works well)

Talk about what happens to the snow that was brought inside compared to the snow they can see through the window outside as well as how the snow feels on their hands.

Goals: Use senses to explore and build vocabulary and language skills.

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