A safe environment that promotes health is the baseline expectation for a child care home. There are many policies and procedures to ensure that you, your family, and the children you care for remain healthy and safe year-round.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provides this tool outlining the scheduled immunizations based upon a child’s birthdate. This could also be a helpful tool to share with parents.

Immunization Tool


The CDC offers information about developmental milestones by age and children’s mental health as well as developmental screenings. There are tips for positive parenting and other research and resources. This website gives information about a variety of health and safety concerns if you need more information about specific conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, muscular dystrophy, hearing or vision loss, etc.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has some resources available to help maintain healthy eating in your family child care home.  There are links and information for adults about how to “Go Further with Food” during National Nutrition Month.  There are also resources for older school-age children on the Body and Mind (BAM) page, including these great healthy recipes that children can help prepare.