Play is vital for children; through play, children can develop, explore, and practice new skills. This Town square created a resource aids in developing a better understanding of the skills and learning involved in children’s play.

You might think that I’m just playing, but…


Some fun ideas for indoor large motor play for programs with limited access to an outdoor space, bad weather, or to share with families


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Sharing an excellent webinar recording of The Importance of Play While Being in Quarantine by Pikler USA. With the unusual time we are living in, it is crucial to remember how vital it is to play, and how natural it is for everyone to play.

Enjoy the webinar!

Use masking tape to create roads on the floor for matchbox or hot wheel type cars. Children can ‘drive’ cars along the roads and create dramatic play scenarios. Children can add other accessories, such as road signs, farm animals, train toys, etc. to extend the activity.

Goal: Children will move vehicles around the masking tape roads and engage in dramatic play.

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El juego es vital para los niños; a través de él, los niños pueden desarrollar, explorar y practicar nuevas habilidades. Este recurso creado por Town Square ayuda a comprender mejor las habilidades y el aprendizaje que implica el juego de los niños.

Quizás pienses que sólo estoy jugando, pero…