About Your Town Square

About Your Town Square

Town Square understands that family child care is essential to providing quality care for all children. We value the work of providers and understand the unique challenges you face balancing the needs of your home and small business.

We have organized the resources on Town Square so you can quickly get answers, have resources at your fingertips, and stay connected to your colleagues and other professionals.


  • Activities—search a library of developmentally appropriate activities to support multi-age learning.
  • Home Business—find resources, articles, templates, advice, and links about how to balance your home and small business.
  • Learning—explore child development topics, current research, resources, and links that support developmentally appropriate practice in your family child care home.
  • Wellness—learn how to support the health and wellbeing of the children in your care through tip sheets, resources, and links.
  • Perspectives—exchange stories about your family child care home and business, contribute to the provider blog, and find resources to support personal growth.


  • Cork Board—save interesting resources, share a story of your own, set personal goals, and set up your personal profile to automatically connect your Town Square PD to the Illinois Gateways Registry.
  • Quick Clips—view 30-90 second clips on FCC learning topics as well as ‘How To’ videos.
  • Town Square Modules and Webinars—grow as a professional through these professional development opportunities that were created by Erikson Institute, are Illinois Gateways approved, meet clock hour requirements, and may meet credential requirements.
  • Family Child Care Specialist—find resources, modules, and webinars that support your work with providers.