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Preschoolers: Make a 'How-To' Video

Domain: Cognitive

Preschool children love to help. You can ask children to create videos or even a series of photos to explain how to do something or even steps or guidelines for a routine activity like hand washing, as this example from a provider illustrates:

Children might like to share ideas about things like how to get ready to go play outside, how to clean up after a meal, what to do with your things when you come in, or any number of other things.  You can create a slide show with pictures or post a child-created video to a private YouTube channel to share with families. This appropriate use of technology that features the children in your care is sure to be an exciting activity.

Goal: Involve children in communicating information using technology.

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Thank you to family child care provider Melody Robinson, owner of Parents’ Helper Home Day Care, for the video.

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