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Provider Blog — Helicopter Seeds

Maple samaras or helicopters are winged seeds of maple trees; because of their shape, it is fun to see them fall and twirl in the air. Stephanie Mckinstry of My Caterpillar Clubhouse shares fun ways to utilize these seeds in your program.

Start by collecting the leaves, having children gather as many leaves as possible, and then setting them out so they can explore.

  • Encourage children to toss them to see them twirl or to separate the leaf from the seed.
  • Opening the seed and observing what they see, feel, and hear. You can also add a muffin tin or container to separate the leaf from the seed.
  • They are a great addition to the mud kitchen, or incorporate them in your indoor dramatic play area.
  • Use the seeds to count or create patterns.
  • Once dried, they are an excellent collage material and can easily be glued or painted.

Get creative and encourage the kids to use their imagination!



Created in collaboration with Stephanie Mckinstry family child care professional and owner of My Caterpillar Club House in Kokomo, Indiana

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