Reflecting back on this Module regarding Cultural differences Daycare providers have to be mindful of the various cultures in their setting. Diversification is encouraged. Families with different back rounds are asked to share in what their cultures are like.

Where language is concerned Families should communicate their expectations to the Childcare provider informing whether or not which language they would like as the primary language.

Take a look at the Daycare in a whole making sure that it’s universally applicable or is better suited to a particular culture.

Windows and Mirrors

Mirror is reflective of my own experiences which leaves the door open for knowledge of the different cultures

Window is looking and learning from others which is not a good practice. It leaves you open to someone who stereotypes others based off of what they hear and see without having first hand knowledge.

Culture is represented in language. When you using culturally appropriate materials some good ideas would be the following: dolls, things from home (like clothes utensils) books, building materials.

Traditions are another of understanding someone’s culture by understanding the meaning behind traditions and inviting families to share home or family traditions.

Relationships is a good tool to use: Power On stopping children from a certain act and keeping them safe. Power for, power exercised for a child means that the child is provided experiences that contribute to the development of self-esteem confidence and learning.