In going back over this Module, I know the importance of having an environment that’s both conducive to both the parent and the child are of great importance. All documents are to remain confidential regarding the children in my care. In order to run any facility properly, there should be an organized strategy for keeping records.

When organizing the actual space for your facility you must think about accessibility, safety, health appropriate furniture for all ages and sizes. The space should be engaging and inviting. Children should be excited to be there. The layout should be set-up as DayCare and home setting. I label all areas so that the children know what is where. They know that when they see kitchen that’s the area where food is being prepared. In this area they have all type of pretend food, dishes, pots, pans and utensils.

A daily checklist should be performed so that I maintain all record keeping required by DCFS. Checking Smoke Detectors, Outlet covers, Mini Blinds, no hazard materials are around all doors to stairwells are closed or blocked. My outside area should be checked and secured.