In reflecting back on the Module Using the Environment to Communicate with Families and Community. It has been reiterated the importance of communicating with Parents and have a place to go to where the Parents can have a private conversation regarding their child. As the Childcare Provider I should be willing to be open and actively listening to the parents concern. If I can’t speak at that time I should communicate to the parent another time that would be better to speak with them so that I may provide my undivided attention to them.

Record Keeping plays a huge part in running a successful Daycare Program. All documents are confidential where Parents and their child are concerned. Each child’s document should be secured and no one other than myself and the parent should have access to them.

Documenting a child’s growth thru his/her work is a great way to show how they are progressing as well as it encourages them to see their work up on the wall along with the other children. When the parent’s arrive the children are always excited to share what they did on that particular day.

Creating a face book page is a great idea to Market my Business. All parents will receive a letter giving me permission to use their child on my page before placing in photos of any children other than my own,