In my Day Care setting it’s very inviting to both parent and child. I have an area in which I can use to have brief conferences with the Parent regarding any issues either they or I have concerning their child. I am open and am willing to take constructive criticism. When the Parent initially signs their child up I provide them with all of the necessary documents required by DCFS and maintain them in a file cabinet. These documents are not shared with anyone but the parent. Each parent is provided with a contract communicating all policies and procedures so that there are no miscommunications. I have learned that text messaging is preferred by most of my parents . it’s a wonderful piece of technology where I share with them pictures of their kids through the day when they have an opportunity to view them. When they have the time to review them they usually respond happily.

The one thing I have also reflected on is setting up a facebook page regarding my business. I will get the permission of my parents if I would like to use any child on any photo for the page.