This module has been one of the best I’ve participated in a while; it has reminded me of yet another way adult bias can influence the little people whose care has been entrusted to us. We must open our minds in order to keep the children’s opened. I intend to share the paperclip video with my staff and with the providers I supervise. The data in the video was shocking. I was shocked to see how 98% of children when tested so very young tested “genius,” which only declined as they aged. Some biases are unavoidable, as I can’t correct or examine that which I am not consciously aware, but what this module has reminded me to do and to be aware of is crucial. My thoughts are my thoughts. My way of thinking of something or how to solve a problem may be great, but are likely not inclusive of all of the possibilities. It is my job to guide, to support, to offer…, but not to create little versions of myself!