I thought I knew a lot about children and technology, but this online course has open my eyes and mind to new ways of using a viewing technology. I learned how technology impacts children live positive and negative, what i need to do to help children use technology properly and what to do when its is used for the wrong reason. Technology is a great teaching too if use right. I know choosing the right apps for the children can go a long way in the learning process. I’ve learned that exercise is important daily for children physical and intellectual growth. I learned about many activities I could use to help children engage in low technology, where to go to help children learn about creating light. I use technology daily, along with classroom work, just to have the children see the lesson in a more colorful and engaging light. I learned how to look for quality apps and e-books. What strategies to use to help children manage technology. I also learn about how to create a technology hand book for my parent. What parent she be doing to help their children navigate the learning process through media and technology, when it is appropriate to use, and what to do if children encounter bad thing .