One of the hardest things to learn in day care is that everyone has different beliefs on raising their children. When dealing with different culture and beliefs not everyone will see eye to eye and it is important to discuss this with the parents. I try hard to do what they parent’s ask but I need them to know that their child is not the only one in my care so time is not always 100% given to their child. Knowing this I am prepared with knowledge and development when some request such as toilet training before the child is ready are helpful.
Cultures and be one of the hardest parts of this job. When I worked at Head Start we had various cultures and it was interesting to learn them but can also be frustrating. Saying their child’s name wrong can offend them, or having the child play a game or toy can sometimes upset the family and the provider not knowing. Sometime defusing and asking families what they expect opens clear communication and understanding. Making children feel welcomed in a classroom can also be difficult. I like to place various materials in the classroom such as ethnic food items in the kitchen, books that display various cultures, and even picture hung on the wall. Culture is not just the only issues that face day care gender can sometimes be an issue. I have had a few parents upset when their boy places house, dolls, dress up. I encourage parents to not place gender tags on play. It is important for children to understand that anything is possible. A boy can be a nurse or a girl can be a fireman no matter what the gender or ethnicity life is full of options and they child should be able to choose their own.
Keeping the children safe is important and we as providers need to know when to interfere with a child’s choice or behavior or to let them decide on their own.