I love to use recycled material when possible. It is something unusal for the kids to see and it helps save the environment. It also teaches the importance of reusing items and it is something that is recognized. It just shows being creative does not have to cost a lot of money. Materials are important to have especially for durablilty. Opened materials will help children be creative and give options for different levels of development as well as stair stepping learning. Adding cultural play helps children learn about other ways people live that may be different from them. It is also fascinating to see new unusal items and to learn what they are used for and who used them. Adding culture to any activity will help the children grow and learn about the world around them.

I am fortunate in my day care I have plenty of space to provide my services. I keep my home life and my work life seperate. I do not have work all over my house and that I think makes a big difference in my family. I am not always feeling like I am at work.