Selecting and Managing Materials that Support Learning Across Domains

In thinking about this Module there are several things that I took away from it and can implement in my Daycare setting. In an effort to give quality childcare one must plan the day using age appropriate materials for children. When choosing the materials you should ask yourself “will the children enjoy it, will it hold up and is it safe”? As you begin your search for materials you can start by checking the Home section in stores, find donated and shared materials and swap materials with other Daycare providers. However you choose to obtain your materials old or new clean them before letting children play with them because we don’t know if an item has been picked up by someone who may have been sick. When choosing toys the Module indicates that less is more. It’s better to have a High Quality item than to have something that will not last. When items are played with every day they take a beating.

Storing and Organizing your facility is of great importance. You must make things accessible for children so that they can be responsible themselves, self directed and self regulated which is called a Child Centered Environment. Storing materials in Buckets and Baskets are very useful. You can move them from one area to another and place lots of items in them depending on what you needed. As I think about it, I could use them for my children belongings with their names on each Bucket or Basket.

Keeping age in mind of the children in my Care there have to be rules implemented for the children so that they understand when the Daycare has to transition from one activity to another. Smaller children may have to nap at a certain time of the day, therefore, children need to be aware that every day at this time this is what will happen which is Quiet time. During this period we would do activities that don’t require a lot of noise like Paper Exploration. We don’t want the children getting bored so we rotate materials so that they’re not bored because that’s what behavioral problems stem from.

Materials in the outdoor space is a great opportunity for children to use their large motor skills. Playtime is important in the Development of children. If children don’t get the chance to play their physical development could be delayed. It’s also important to let children play in the dirt. By playing the dirt it helps them to develop a healthy immune system. Fresh air helps them to stay healthy. During the winter months it’s also important to take them out for fresh air making sure appropriate closing is worn.

When choosing materials in the outdoor space it’s important to choose Hi Quality equipment and spend wisely.