Designing a child care home can be very tricky especially if you do not have a designated large sized room. Making sure there are child appropriate furniture, equipment, and toys can also make combining all ages difficult. I am fortunate to have a large room where I can have the children’s play area set up into different centers. I would say the most challenge that home daycare’s have is the age combination and finding the right areas for each age group. For example, small blocks and coloring items are placed at a table outside of the designated toy area. This ensures that infants and young toddlers do not get their hands on a choking hazard. Furniture needs to be adaptable so that every child can feel comfortable. I supply different types of furniture so that children can feel safe and comfortable no matter what the age group is. I have changed my rooms so often in the past 20 years that I have used every space in different ways to test how I would like them. I am content with my set up the way it is currently. But to say I never will change again is probably incorrect. I change my environment to complement the ages of children I care for.