This, as all of the other online learning opportunities on this site, was really informative. I was greatly impacted by the statistic related to prisoners having more outdoor time than some children in daycare. Though it is a requirement to provide children with outdoor play opportunities daily, I find that many excuses stand in the way of it actually happening.
I really like the outdoor areas, which were highlighted in the video and the less is more concept. There is much pressure from parents to “prove” that you are offering quality services, and I understand that requirement, but I believe that parental education related to learning through play is the answer not more visuals. The over abundance of material in day care homes is over stimulating and counterproductive. I encourage the use of more non-commercial materials (i.e. cardboard boxes, recycled food containers…).
I am not currently operating a day care home, but I supervise several. I will again encourage the providers I work with to view the webinar themselves in order that they too see and hear some awesome ideas, which can be adapted and implemented within their day care homes.