Some of what I took from this module that allowing the children to create poster instead of purchasing them, children can better related, because its their own interpretation. I also learn that I don’t need to have a lot of a particular item, that by giving them to many choose might not be a good thing, by giving the children to may of the same material might be a little overwhelming to the child, and it gives me the flexibility to change material to keep things exciting and fresh.

My chose in how my home daycare is set-up was due to space issue, but I have maximized my the space to incorporate many choices for the children in my care. i also learn that can redesign the space so that the children can move through the space a little slower, because there are times when they are running inside I’m afraid they might hurt themselves. I learned about choosing quality materials is maybe more costly upfront, but in the long run may serve me and the children better. L learned a lot about open-ended material and the benefit of letting the children work with these material, and that they offer endless possibility to the children.