This module gave a chance to think about the different material I have in home for the children I watch. It made me evaluate how much open ended material I have and if it works across age groups. Looking at my program I think I have a pretty good amount of things available but there can always be more. I would like to add more exploration and expressive materials. I have a good amount of blocks but would like to add more types(maybe some of the cardboard bricks I have seen). I would also like to create a few more dramatic play themes. I do have things set up for easy access (toys for younger children on bottom shelves, older children higher up) and things out for children to access as they choose. I would like to work on my rotation of materials. I feel I don’t do that often enough. With up coming holiday break it will be a god time to evaluate what I have and how I can change things up. I am looking forward to changing things up a little for the new year.