Wow! What an eye opener. I have been so programmed about how to behave and fit in by society that I wonder if I even know how to think for myself. I have a child that is 20 years younger than my next youngest. I have learned that things don’t always have to be as I thought they should be. I am now a single mom and much more laid back. I let my daughter choose her clothes as long as they are clean and in good condition. She wore a princess dress with a silly monster hat to church one Sunday. I would never have allowed my older children to do that. But, why not? She has a sister-n-law that doesn’t think I provide appropriate clothing for her. So, when she chooses an outfit, her sister-n-law buys another outfit that is more fancy but less comfortable. My 6 year old refuses to wear the fancy clothes. What message does it send to her? You don’t know how to choose appropriate clothes.