What I found so interesting about this class was how it promoted using technology with children. Though I agree it is part of our lives and it not going way. It is so engrain in our society and live, it is in many ways over use. I truly believe it should not be used in any way with children under three years old. Even as a tool, like face time with Mom or Dad during school. Children do spend more time in school now then before in the US but not over the whole world. Children have ben attending full-day programs in Europe for genteration now with out technology and have been fine. Matter fact, children in American society are over depended on their parent and admitted gradivafaction that they don’t know how to wait or understand they don’t always get what others have or what they need.

I will be looking into changing our technology statement in our handbook for parent. Thought that was great, like the difference between facetime and use for education.