Thankfully my daycare environment is already set to support both the children and adults. Daycare is set center based and have all needed areas for fun, safety environment.
we have spaces to offer them table toys area where children play with multiple table toys where children learn how to count, build, assorting, patterns etc then we have a writing area, where children do practice their writing skills and do fun art activities. We also use the same area to do science projects. This area is also used for eating. We have our learning area which is used for circle time, calendar and music and movement. this are is where kids play and share ideas on a cozy carpet. Then they have a dramatic play area where they get to dress up and do lots of fun role playing. we have kitchen set up with a table and lots of clothes that they can play with as community helpers or just fancy people at a tea party. Across from dramatic play we have the block are where we have plenty blocks along with cars and lots of people figures. We also switch of from time to time with dinosaurs. We also have a back room with a cozy corner and in that same area we have our cuby’s and sand and water table. I think we are doing well in this area.