This was a nice review. I was s family childcare provider for 15 years. I remember the major changes that took place in my program as I progressed through college and trainings specfic to family child care. I remember changing the look of my environment to be more asthtically pleasing for the families and children. I also remember a parent library as well as working of different modes of communication with parents. I had open-ended materials for the children and followed developmentally Approriate Practices from the start of my program which was in 1997. My program grew as well as I did as a provider. I had materials to rotate. I documented children’s growth and starting using screening tools as well as assessments of learning for children. Curriculum was my favorite item to work on. I enjoyed waking early in the morning and planning for the day. Staying up late to rerange my environment. I also remember the working with families to find them needed resources as well as ensuring that parents had up to date information on development and child rearing practices. These items plus much more help me in working with family child care providers as an Infant Toddler Specialist.