I found that the high quality environment will help me substantially by designating space based on the children’s routines, relationship, health and safety focusing on developmental learning of every child. My center is homelike, which means it is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice outlined. This includes enough material to engage all children . This is a consistent with or matching the abilities of all the children in my program both socially and culturally.

The learning is across all domains. The Exploration includes science, math, technology, and sensory. The Expression includes visual art, music, drama, and movement. The communication includes language drawing, reading and writing.

My home daycare is a “child care family style.” It consist of organization, space, natural light, clean, and items are placed aged appropriately. All the toys are in compliance according to the Consumer Safety Commission. – http://cpsc.gov.

I will encourage older children to help younger children, which is appropriate. I will make sure the children are exposed to 1-2 hours of indoor/outdoor active play and they have nooks and cozy spaces to help self regulate themselves.

I will adhere to several checklist including FCC checklist, list for toys before and after children come and go, and Emergency checklist etc. checking daily.