My daycare has many options for children to allow them to make choices and show their independence and capability in their pursuits of exploration and learning. There are designated spaces that used for routine play and developing relationships.

The children are in control of their own experiences and (real world) exploration. My daycare is a home and easily converted back into a home at the end of the day. It is homelike. It is age appropriate by size and adjustable and all space has a purpose. I can always make changes the classroom also acts as the dining area for the younger children, but the older children use the actual dining room because they are bigger. I would like to bring them all together. I will probably bring an additional folding table into the main dining area that they are separate.

I have shopped at thrift stores for unique items, networked with other providers and check for center closings all while making sure the items purchased are in compliance (Not Recalled) and constantly checking for recall item already in the daycare.

I really like what Eva Daniels said about High Quality. Home Daycare should look like homes not centers, “Child Care Family Style.”