The Things that i learned from this study is as follows:
Tools for improving overall Quality of Family Childcare business and professional practices. Setting Goals, Recording Keeping, Marketing and Communication with families. I also learned Understanding privacy which demonstrate IL DCFS Licensing Standards Regarding Records and Confidentiality. Mandated Reporter, Respect Confidential nature of child/family records ans Written consent from parents. The BAS system was also implemented in this study covering the Work Environment, Provider-Parent Communication, Community Resources, Marketing and Public Relations. I learned about connecting with families in doing activities and events, Open house to highlight learning experience, Also Parent topics nights, field trips and parent helpers and weekend community event meet-ups. I learned it is very important to interact with families that you serve. It is important to set the environment up to make your community environment outings easier? And finally Documentation is the key to communicating with your families concerning the child. Put up posting of their work, take plenty of photos and record a lot of videos.