This module changed my whole perspective about what type of technology is valuable for the education of young children and how to use it. To be honest, I will need additional training to help me stay on track and motivated in the proper use of STEM materials.
I like the idea of expanding the exploration of light and shadow by adding building structures and little people to create stories or art. I hadn’t even considered taking a tablet out on a walk. I do take my phone and take pictures of the kids engaged in activities. However, I have never considered letting them take their own photos. I was never allowed to take pictures as a child,, so the thought never occurred to me. Tablets are expensive. Parents won’t pay for damaged equipment, so I tend to be cautious with it. I do have a 2 year warranty on my daughter’s kindle, so I am going to try letting the children take pictures of nature. The use of a scanner is another interesting concept that I may explore. Mine is in the basement, but it is portable.
We do explore a great deal of nature in my yard. It is large and full of trees. It’s lined with close to 100 evergreens and scattered with Maple, Hickory, Ash, Locus, and Oak trees. We have many different kinds of birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and more. I will let them take pictures of their favorite things.