It is important to understand that the selection of materials and the multiple uses the have is important to the children’s learning in developmental domains such as Social/Emotional, Physical and Cognitive. Children lean best through hands on experiences, language exchanges through conversations and open-ended questions, and through symbolic play. Messing around with materials is not just for children. Care providers should also explore the materials introduced to the children. They should try new experiences as well and find out what they like to do by keep an open mind and being divergent. In their physical development children experience normal muscle development, large motor and fine motor development, they learn about balance and flexibility as well. In their Cognitive development they increase their thought processes including remembering, problem solving and decision making. Children’s social/emotional development happens in stages and they develop at different ages.

Introduce materials in categories such as Exploration, expressive and communication and includes items in Science, Math, Sensory and Nature for exploration and visual arts, music and movement and dramatic play materials for expressive learning. For communication include materials for language, drawing, reading and writing.