As a person who likes to be organized and clutter free, this topics has always been one of interest to me. Sometimes I think we are doing great with managing our supplies and materials and other times I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I love getting new ideas and seeing other programs for new ideas. My mind was spinning with “I want to do that here!”, “how can I make that work in my space with my budget?” and “I don’t like that but if I tweeked it just a bit…”.

I needed reminded to be creative in my acquiring of supplies. I am trying to really simplify our toys. Get back to basic items that mimic real life and encourage creative play. I want to do well at this. I was reminded that I can get these supplies from our local thrift stores, dollar stores, and resale shops. I loved the idea of sharing expensive supplies with other providers!!

I also was very inspired by the section on natural playgrounds. I have always shrugged off this concept because of the time and expense it must be to convert. But as I read the pages and saw the images, I realized that after the initial conversion (which could rely heavily on donation and creativity), maintenance is actually very affordable. We are always frustrated with the “center” look of our yard. I am starting to think that natural items would be a better fit for our personality and program ideals!