I really enjoyed seeing her environment! It looked so classy and peaceful. I like that she has kept many items neutral colors and natural materials. I personally wouldn’t want the personal baskets all over the entry way. It would stress me out. BUT, I love that she does it because it is what she found works well for her.

We are constantly working on the balance of home and school in our own family child care environment. Certain times of year or certain themes of curriculum seem to really highlight the fact that we have 12 kids in the house daily. Other times the art displays and clutter are cut down. Like during the summer when we are spending way more of our time outside playing. Or when we do not have any infants enrolled and we get to put away the pack-in-play, bouncer, highchair, etc. I always find that I am more at peace during these seasons. I have learned however that the other seasons are just a part of the career. Though finding creative storage solutions for the end of the day or weekends has absolutely made us a happier home!