The tools introduced were outstanding along with the examples and strategies to be successful. I found the BAS goal setting got Record keeping, Marketing, and Communicating with family very helpful. The design of BAS to the unique needs of every Child Care provider encouraged me that we are all the same with different needs and environments.

The Organizational strategies for business records were also an asset for my business. I have a need to be organized and choosing the appropriate storage space and having confidential information accessible means everything when any/all parties privy to that information requires copies. The electronic files organization particularly is my choice to be accessible and easily printed, forwarded, and set up for each client.

I found that daily updates on all checks and entries has been difficult for me, but now I have a different approach including shredding clutter upon receipt. I will reevaluate my set up including labeling and establishing a place for every document.

Displaying children’s work lets parents know what they are doing throughout the day and is important to the child. It shows importance of hanging for everyone to see and builds creative confidence. These displays can also be used as an advocacy tool for the rights of children to receive quality care by sharing the documentation.

The Reading portion of this Module was very helpful. Ms. Sarah gave very helpful hints introducing the Photogram to create collages, using Facebook with respect to children’s privacy and obtaining permissions before all postings. Lastly, keeping phone handy for pictures and video throughout the day, because special moments can happen at any time.

Lastly, connecting with families through activities and events is a definite addition to my program. I have learned I can do this through asking parents to help, meet-ups, open house, and parent nights. I can host events inside and outside of my Daycare, depending on size of audience and event. This can also be used as a Marketing tool.