This module gave me some ideas on adding to what is already in my family childcare home. Adding
more to my sensory play, water play, science and math.
I hope to create some busy bags for my school age children to give them quiet time when there are
children napping or quiet time for themselves.
I plan on getting phamplets for the families for lead poisoning and other items of interest.
I will be looking into donating to a local shelter some of my toys and books that are no longer of
interest to my children or what we are learning.
I hope to attend trainings to help me with my Family Child Care Credential, Accrediation, and my
circle in my state for childcare.
I want to add more to my outdoor space and find better ways to store items indoors and outdoors.
The attendance of this module gave me a fresh look at what I have been doing for more than 30 plus years.